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Banish Your Allergies - Paperback

Banish Your Allergies - Paperback

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How a former Google Data Strategist solves allergies. This Unconventional approach will make you question everything you've been taught to believe about health

Within these pages you will learn:
· The actual cause of your allergies and why your body reacts so poorly
· The Lies the food industry has lead you to believe, and how to avoid them
· The 6 foods causing the most damage to your body on a daily basis
· What foods to eat, and not eat to get your body healthy again
· Why you can eat bread in Europe, but not the U.S.
· How to determine if your allergies are actually just a histamine intolerance
· Why "quality" is more important than "quantity"
· How "Cheat Days" can actually make you healthier
· How to get instant nasal relief when you're congested
· Tips on how to gamify your health that actually work
· 30 recipes to help you get healthy, fast!
· Plus, access to $697 worth of cooking classes, which can turn anyone into a master chef in no time!

Tim is an award-winning disruptor with a mission to make a dent in America's health epidemic

From earning his first patent at a young age, to being a 6-figure entrepreneur, to working with global tech companies, like Google, he is an expert at using curiosity to solve complex and non-obvious problems to achieve results. Now he wants to do this for your health.

Diagnosed with debilitating allergies at the age of 8, Tim thought it was just something he had to endure throughout his life. But using his strengths of curiosity and problem solving, he discovered what causes allergies and how to overcome them.  Now he is on a mission to disrupt the health and food space by educating individuals on how we are grossly misinformed when it comes to the food we eat and how to properly take back control of our health.

Tim is a sought-after speaker on the topics of allergies, healthy living, and entrepreneurship whose insights have been featured on the homepage of Mashable and other international outlets


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